Happy New Year...Again!

Hello everyone,

What's up?  I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year's Day and a
safe fun New Year's Eve party.  It seems like the family had lots of
fun from all of the pictures that I saw in my emails today.  Thanks so
much for those.  We had a fun New Years time this year.  For the 31st
we had a full day of cleaning the apartment.  It was really nice
though because the apartment really needed it; and I got to wear
normal clothes all day which is a luxury that I have not had in a long
time.  The next day we had a full day of Book of Mormon reading.  I
read all the way to Mosiah but I had to stop because we had a dinner
party at a members house. 

To celebrate New Years here, they have a
tradition of eating lots of mochi.  I don't think they have an English
word for that, but it pretty much is a pounded rice ball cake thing.
They put it in pretty much anything from soy sause to ice cream and
seaweed.  We also were able to write our New Years resolutions on
fancy paper with the a real Japanese calligraphy pen.  I not going to lie, but
it was pretty hard and it took forever!  But it looks really cool.

Then on the 2nd or Friday, we went to Urawa for a mission wide
conference.  It was really cool because I got to see all of the Sister
missionaries that I knew at the MTC right before they leave for home
in a few weeks.  It's crazy how fast they are leaving.  It feels like
they just got here 16 months ago.  Well I guess they did. Lol. But at
the party we got to watch the "Meet the Mormons" movie which was sweet,
but I think that I was a little bias because it was the first movie
that I have seen in over a year.  But I especially liked the part
about the Nepalese guy named Bishnu because I knew that my family was working with
him probably at that exact second.  I really want to watch it again
though when I get back.  Can you buy it on video yet?  But that was
pretty much all we did for shogatsu (New Years).

Besides all of the activities that we did this week, we also saw lots
of success with some of our investigators.  Remember A...?  We we
met with him this week and set a baptismal date with him for the 31st
of January so really soon.  He was so excited and he also came to
church which was exciting for us because it has been a long time since
we have had an investigator at church. The thing with A... is that
he lives in another area so soon we will have to refer him over to the
other missionaries.  They will have it really nice because he will
already be prepared for baptism by the time he goes over there.  I hope
they let me go to the baptism.  He is way cool and he loved singing
the hymns really loudly, but he loved the feeling that he had at church
and wants to come again next week too.

Well I think that is everything for this week.  I love you all so
much!  I wish that I could have spent some time with all of you during
this special holiday season but come to think about it,  I will be
back home before you know it and I can share this time with you next
year.  Have another great week this week!


Eric Stevens

Ps I did get grandma and grandpa Stevens present in the mail last
week.  Thank you so much for that!  And don't worry, the food still
tastes amazing!  We had some to celebrate New Year's Eve with some
real ginger ale that we bought at Costco.  So much fun!

My First View Of Mt. Fuji.  Awesome!


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