Week Seven...


Good morning!
Everyone is how are you? Everyone I am your hope to have a lot interesting things and really great week. I am seven weeks of twelve relocation now. Maybe in Tsukuba, it might be the end of the week. Because next week relocation announcement, I and my colleagues have seen met with a lot people worked very hard. And I saw a full miracle last week by God's help! I will talk about the miracle now in English! Since it is amazing difficult to write in Japanese type it is very slow!

Hey Everyone! 

How did you like the Japanese section of today's email?
It doesn't really say too much but if you want to read it, maybe you
can type it into google translate and it should be a little close to
what it really says.  I would write more, but it takes forever to type
in Japanese and I only have 90 minutes, so I'll just leave it at that for
now.  We had another great week this week.  We met with
lots of people, and went on splits in Mito.  I got to spend the night there
which was really fun!  The missionaries in Mito have a couch in their apartment which is
so nice!  I'm so jealous!  And we were able to bring some friends to
church on Sunday which was awesome!  All in all a great week!

Just some highlights of the week.  I got to play my violin for Church
yesterday.  It went really well, especially for the one hour of
practice that I was able to squeeze in throughout the week.  I decided
to play the "Did You Think To Pray" song and I wanted to record it so
you could all hear it, but my companion was busy with all of our
friends at church at the time and wasn't able to do it. I'll have to
play it for you all when I get back.  It went really well and I was
able to use it as the incentive to get some of our friends to come to Church.
Yesterday we had 2 friends come.  One was B..., our Nepalese friend
who had to go back to work halfway through the song, and the other was
named K....  He is from China but is different from the K... that I
knew back in Togane.  He is a friend of one of our old investigators
and came to play ping pong with us last week.  At ping pong he didn't
get too much time to play because he kept asking us about the Church.  We
finally invited him to come and the cherry on top that made him want to
come was the violin song I was going to play. I guess it was a good thing I learned how to
play.  Thanks mom and dad!  Lol. He loved church and wants to come

Also yesterday we went to visit one of our friends named M....
He is Japanese and loves talking about really hard confusing random
stuff.  So he likes our discussions about God.  We taught him about
the restoration and asked him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to
God to know if it is true and if Joseph Smith really was a true
prophet.  His answer really surprised me.  He said that he didn't need
to pray because he already believed that it was true.  Wow!  That has never
happened to me before during the first lesson on the restoration.  We
were a little taken back, but then challenged him to keep reading the
Book of Mormon.  We are going to visit him again this weekend
with a member who will help with the Japanese stuff.  I don't know why but before
we left he started talking about quantum mechanics and all of
Newtons laws in Japanese.  He kept asking us if we knew what a word
meant and we kept saying no because we had to look up every other word
in our dictionaries.  It was pretty funny, but I felt like my Japanese
wasn't as good as I thought it was.

As for this week, it was pretty exciting because I get to go to Mito again
to give a baptismal interview. Those are always so spiritual and I
always learn so many things about the soon to be converts that helps
me to grow my testimony as well.  There are just so many awesome
people here who want the gospel and are willing to follow it no matter
what the cost.  There are things that we can all learn from the recent
converts here.  The only problem is that it costs a lot of money to
get to Mito and I am almost out for the month.  I guess that means no
more Costco trips for me until February.  Lol. I guess I can wait for
a little bit before I go back.

Thanks for all the well wishes for A....  We still call him every
night to see how his smoking is going.  Last time I checked with him,
he was down to 6 cigarettes a day which is huge progress. His plan is
to stop smoking by the 31st of January forever!  The other elders
pushed his baptismal date back to the 22nd of February so he can have
more leeway for the smoking problem.  So that means that he is getting baptized on your
birthday Alexa!

Well I gotta go now.  Love you lots everyone and have a great week!  I
will talk to you all soon!


Eric Stevens


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