Trip To Tokyo And More...

Hello Everyone!

How is it going for you?  Well guess what?  It is already week five of
the transfer which would normally mean that I only have 1 more week
till it's over.  But, luckily since we are having a member of the Seventy come
to speak to us in 2 weeks, they are making the transfer 7 weeks long
instead of 6 weeks. So I get at least 2 more weeks with my wonderful
companion.  Super excited because we are seeing tons of sweet miracles
as usual.

Speaking of miracles, we have been meeting with our friend A... who
will be baptized on the 31st of this month.  We taught him the word of
wisdom this week and we were a little worried because he smokes a ton,
but he loved it!  He said that he has wanted to stop smoking for a
very long time but he never had a reason to stop.  Now that he has a
reason, he said that with our help he is sure that he can do it.  We
met with him and some of the recent converts in our Ward who had to
overcome smoking as well, and they came up with a plan to help
him stop smoking.  Pretty much he is going to slowly ween off them by
smoking 2 less cigarettes everyday until he smokes no more in a few
weeks.  To help him not feel alone as he tries to stop smoking, we
told him that we would stop drinking soda, even though they have some
really good soda only in Japan that we love.  I was really sad to do
it, but if it helps, I will!  He was so excited and he said that he
would follow up on us everyday to check up on our soda progress
whenever we asked about his smoking.  It's amazing to see the change
that is taking place in him as he is continuing to meet with us and study the gospel.

Besides that, the only really cool thing that we did this week was go
to Tokyo again for a meeting.  (It's really weird how I talk about
going to Tokyo now so nonchalantly.  I just go there so much that it's
not as exciting anymore even though I know that there are tons of
people who want to go to Tokyo who probably will never be able to
go.). But it was pretty great to go back.  Everytime I go back to
Tokyo it reminds me of all the fun times that I had while living
there.  I hope that I transfer back there someday so I can see all
the cool places that I used to go to back when I was a young
missionary.  Speaking of young missionary, I just found out that one
of my missionary trainers just got engaged.  Crazy stuff!  It's weird
to think how I was his companion over a year ago and now he is moving
on with his life.  Sorry that was pretty random.

Well, I am glad to hear that everyone had a great time in Nepal and is
safely back home even though it is freezing cold over there now.
My companion didn't believe that it could ever get that cold anywhere.
The pics look amazing by the way.  I still haven't been able to meet
with my Nepalese friend since I got the pictures because of splits and
everything, but I will be sure to show them to him tomorrow when I see
him.  He is still excited for baptism but he is having trouble getting
work off to come to church so we will continue to work with him for
that.  He is following all of the commandments besides that so we
think he is still good to be baptized soon.  Keep him in your prayers

Well, I better get going now.  Thanks again for all of the letters,
presents, and love that you always send me.  I really appreciate them
so much.  We are always praying for you back home.  I hope that
Grandpa does really well with his surgery and can recover soon.  We
are praying for you grandpa!  I love you all lots!  Have a great week!


Elder Stevens


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