Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Everyone!

To start off the email, I would just like to make a shout out to the
Mothers that have really effected me in my life.  Mom, of course,
Grandma Stevens, and Grandma Kaldahl.  Thanks for always being there
for me and spoiling me as a mother or grandmother.  It's been a great
life so far, and I am excited to see you all again soon.  I hope that
you had a great, wonderful, amazing Mother's Day.

For my Mother's Day it was amazing to be able to skype with my family.
It's been five months since I have been able to do that and the time
has flown by.  The time just seemed to go too fast.  I can't believe
that we were talking for an hour.  But I guess all good things have to
come to an end.  Besides seeing everyone, I especially liked singing
the song "Secret Prayer" together in Spanish.  Music always really gets
me.  I guess I'm just a musical person, but whenever I hear a song like
that, the memories just come flooding in as clear as if I am actually
sitting there and reliving them.  Music is such a wonderful gift that
God has given to us.  Thanks for singing with me everyone.

Besides the Skype call we had some other cool things happen to us.
Not as cool as the call though.  We have been working hard to set up
more appointments to teach the past week because right now, we don't
have too many people who we are teaching.  Actually today, I was able to meet a
really cool person named A....  Cool thing about him, when I lived in
Senzokuike almost 2 years ago, he was the first Japanese person that I
stopped on the street to talk to and he was the first new Japanese
investigator that I ever taught.  And so when I got back here, I
called him up and we were finally able to meet with him today.  We
went to eat some tonkatsu, a cut of pork with bread crumbs deep fried.
It's my favorite food in Japan, and I will be sure to have mom and dad
try it when they come to Japan to visit.  My companion is starting to
get sick of it because we have it so much.  Maybe I should slow down a
little bit with that.  I just want to get as much of it as I can
before I leave. 

Anyways, back to A..., we ate together and then
asked him about what he remembered when he met with missionaries over
a year and a half before.  He didn't remember that much but he said
that he wants to learn about it again, so we will be calling and
teaching him over the phone because he is so busy with work.  But we
got a photo- your welcome dad.  I'm pretty sure that I have sent lots of
pics.  Lol.

After the lesson we had a zone pday at Yoyogi Park and
ate tons of Costco pizza and played ultimate frisbee.  We were outside
for almost 3 straight hours and my face and neck hurt a lot, so I'm
pretty sure I got really sunburned.  Yeah, I forgot my sunscreen.  But
it was so much fun to play ultimate frisbee again.  Zone pdays are so
much fun!

Well, I think that's everything for now.  I hope that you all have a
great week!  Love you lots and lots!


Eric Stevens

A..., my companion and me with Shibuya, the biggest most busy city
in the world, right behind us!

"Kids Day" Fish Flags


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