Our Hero!

Hello Everyone,
In case you were wondering, we have meet a hero as the title suggests.  I'll talk more about it later, but I just wanted to get that out there so you weren't too confused.
What happened this week?  It was mostly just a normal week.  We had our stake conference this week for the English ward.  Next, I guess something that was fun that happened this week is we had a typhoon.  We had 2 appointments set up in the evening but almost simultaneously both of the people called us and promptly canceled their appointments because of the typhoon that was going to be coming in the next few hours.  We looked up the weather on our iPads and it said that it should be fine so we thought that the people just didn't want to meet with us.  So we decided to go venture out in the farthest part of our area, about a 45 min bike ride that we have never been to before.  When we got there, we started contacting until we started to feel some rain drops.  We were stunned.  And five minutes later, it was just pouring rain and the wind started picking up.  My companion and I looked at each other and just had enough time to say, "Oh no!", before we both started running to safety.  My companion was a little prepared with a rain jacket.  But I had nothing,  no coat, umbrella, or pants.  We talked together and decided to go back to the apartment as fast as we could so I would hopefully not get too wet.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it didn't help much at all. 45 min later we were at the apartment and everything was soaked through.  My companion wouldn't let me back in the apartment because I was so wet.  Yeah, that was a fun adventure and I learned not to trust the weather app that we have.  
So besides that we met with our friend H... yesterday.  We made some hamburgers together and then had a lesson with him.  He has been an investigator for awhile now, and before he said that he wanted to get baptized.  But then he went to Utah for a home stay and we lost contact with him.  But he has been back for a few weeks and every time we tried to start a lesson about the Church, he would always change the subject or say that he didn't want to talk about it. 
But we decided we were just going to be super bold and what do you know, it worked out!  We were able to learn lots of things about his concerns and even set up a time to meet with him again.  We learned that the thing holding him back from baptism is he doesn't know if Jesus is our Savior or not, so we now know his concern and can help with that.  We are really excited to meet with him again soon and prepare him more for baptism!  He is so cool and such a bro!

Well, I think that's everything for this week.  Tonight we are going to go and hear the BYU Wind Symphony play in Tokyo with one our recent converts and it should be really fun.  Can't wait!  Well, have a great week everyone! Love you lots!

Elder Stevens

Ps here is H... and us eating hamburgers together!


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