What, Week 5?

Hey Everyone!

As you can see from the title, the transfers are already coming to a
close!  Only 2 weeks left till we get the call to see if my companion
and I stay together.  I hope so because we have had lots of fun
together.  It's been a great transfer so far and I'm excited to see
what happens for the next 2 weeks!

Last week we went back to Odaiba and got to see some cool
things that we missed last time.  They have a big transformer statue
outside of a huge transformer mall and I just had to get a picture of
me giving it a Book of Mormon.  It goes really well with the picture
that Andrew took with the Book of Mormon overlooking Taichung city.  I'll
send it to you today.  This may be a little boring for some of you,
but it was amazing for me.  They had a Krispy Kreme on Odaiba too.  As
soon as I saw the advertisements for it, I just had to go and I bought
a dozen doughnuts, for over $16.  They are so expensive here but so
worth it.  I hope that we can go again sometime soon.

Also, the Wind Symphony from Brigham Young University  came and performed close to
where we live, so we got some tickets and went with an investigator to
see it.  The investigator loved it and we had tons of fun as well.
They had some saxophones play in a quartet during the performance and
it made me remember of when Brent, Tim, Andrew, and I used to play in
a quartet together.  I want to play the saxophone again so bad.  But
it's so hard to find a sax in Japan that isn't crazy expensive.

Then to end off the week, my companion and I participated in a
kenketsu (blood drive) at the church.  Unfortunately we couldn't
actually donate blood, but we were able to
hand out some flyers to promote it and we talked to lots of great non
members who wanted to participate.  Halfway through though, my
companion got really sick so we had to head back to the apartment and
he slept for the rest of the day while I tried to make myself useful
for the whole 8 hours of just sitting around the apartment.  After
about 2 hours you have called everyone in the phone and the area book
and then you have nothing to do but to study.  I got to practice a lot
of the Japanese characters which was fun.  I'm starting to learn a lot
now so hopefully I can write a lot by the time I get back home.

Thanks again for all
of the emails of love and support.  I love you all and I wish you all
an amazing week!  Love yah!

Elder Stevens

A Wonderful Tokyo Zone


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