Tokyo Revisited!

Hey Everyone!

I'm back!  Yeah that's right, I'm back in the largest
city in the world and having a blast.  My companion is awesome!  We
get along so well!  We have the same sense of humor and he is almost
as sarcastic as me. The past few days have been so fun just going on
adventure after adventure in this huge city, talking to people,
meeting with less actives and recent converts, and just laughing with
each other.  I can definitely tell that this is going to be a sweet
transfer.  His name is Faganello Choro and he is from
Victoria, Canada.  I just keep working with people from everywhere but

Our apartment is really cool as well.  We have Elder Nukaya
from Idaho, who was in my zone when I was a zone leader in Tsukuba.  He
is super hilarious as well, and at night we just joke around and tell
old dendo stories.  It's really cool because we have a lot of old
missionaries in our apartment right now.  I am transfer 15, Elder
Johnson, who is Elder Nukaya's companion, is transfer 14, and Elder Nukaya is
transfer 13, and my companion is transfer 3.  So I'm the oldest
missionary here transfer wise, and also age wise.  I feel so old!
It's also really nice because I don't have to make calls at night so I
get to have chill time to write in my journal.  I really miss
my district a lot and I pray for them all the time.  That's one of the
down sides of being a district leader.  You just get so close to your
district so that it's really sad to say goodbye.  I'm going to have to
have a district reunion at our house sometime.  But Ohio may be too
far away.

An interesting thing about this area is I'm actually in 2 areas right
now.  Just starting this transfer they combined the Tokyo 2nd ward and
the Senzokuike ward missionaries.  So we dendo foreign and Japanese
investigators.  And we go to both sessions of church.  So yesterday we
were at the church 10 hours.  We had a sweet miracle
at church yesterday where a member brought a
friend with him to church and we taught him afterwards.  He loved the
feeling that he felt at church and he even stayed afterwards for a
baptismal service that was being held and he said that it looked fun
to be baptized.  "Kinjin" (golden prepared person!). We are going to
meet him again to teach him.  We are also working with
lots of cool less actives and recent converts to invite them back to
church.  We need to start finding more prepared investigators but as
you can see from our new investigator, the Lord is definitely helping us out!

Just to answer some questions really fast, I didn't have to say a good
bye talk at Togane, but I meet everyone at the Olympic events and they
were so sad that I was leaving.  They all told me that I had to come
back when my parents came by to visit Japan.  We'll see what happens.
I did have to bare my testimony in both sessions of church
which was fun as always.  Luckily for me, I am not sleeping under the
table anymore in this area.  I upgraded to sleeping next to the table.
Lol. The only downside about our apartment right now is that it is
really dirty.  I got here and I was really surprised.  I've never seen
an apartment so bad, so the first thing I did when I got here was do
the mountain of dishes that we had in the sink.  It's going to be a
slow process, but I'm starting the big job of cleaning.  My roommates
are starting to help out a lot because we just discovered that our
apartment has lots of cockroaches, so the battle is on!  But besides
that I love the area, I love the people, and I love the missionaries
here.  I'm looking forward to an amazing transfer!

Well, I hope that you all have a great time this week!  I'm looking
forward to seeing you all this week on skype.  I love you lots and


Elder Stevens

Awesome Togane District

Togane Olympics
Elders Stevens, Free, Keith, and Nelson


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