Another Busy Week!

Guess what, another transfer is almost over!  This is our last
week till I'm a transfer 10 missionary!  Crazy right?
This week went pretty well but it was so stressful.  Have any of you
had to plan for a zone meeting with the sister training leaders, plan
for a baptism in Japanese with the ward mission leader, and plan for a
big 3 day zone blitz with the district leaders?  All I can say is that
it was pretty stressful and I am glad that it went well.  The
baptism was amazing.  My companion did the baptism correctly the first
time and do you remember Elder Alred?  He was my companion last
transfer in Tokyo but he came to the baptism because his companion
used to live here and taught T...  It was really good to see him
again.  The next day we had the confirmation which was also very
stressful but I did it right and everyone said that they were amazed
at my Japanese and how it was so good.  I'm telling you it wasn't me cuz
the whole time during the prayer I was shaking so bad because I was so
nervous.  I'm glad it went well though.  T... also had his interview
with the Bishop to get the priesthood yesterday so hopefully he will
be getting it this week.  He is a total gem!  Too bad his school
starts up this week so we won't be able to meet with him as much.
Also last Friday we had a zone meeting in Ushiku.  It's a 20
minute train ride from Tsuchuira station.  The meeting was good and we
gave lots of random trainings on how to improve the work, how to be more
unified as a zone and as a mission, and we learned a lot about
Japanese culture so that we can amaze the members by how Japanese we
are.  The meetings are usually 3 hours so at first I was worried that
we wouldn't be able to use the time but it seriously flew by so fast!
But guess what, we have another one in 2 weeks so we have already
started planning for it.  I'm so excited for all of the new
planning we have to do.  lol
So this week is going to be pretty sweet too!  I'm so excited!
Unfortunately we don't have any baptisms planned, but we
are going on a huge zone blitz to every area in the zone! Tonight we
are going to be staying in Ushiku and then meeting people there all
tomorrow.  On Tuesday night we will be staying in Mito and teaching
there all Wednesday.  And on Thursday everyone but us in the zone will
be helping in Tsukuba.  On Thursday my companion and I will be going
to Tokyo again for another meeting.  The following night we will be
back in Tsukuba on splits with the assistants to the president and then
on Friday night we are spending the night in Matsudo to meet with the
Stake President.  So this week we will only be in our area on Thursday
night, Saturday, and Sunday.  Should be a busy week!  (You should look
up all these cities on the map cuz it's cool to see all the places
around the mission I get to go to all the time!:)
Ok, well I'm going to wrap it up now.  Everyone have a great week!  I
love you all!

Eric Stevens

ps attached are some pics of the baptism with T...
pps next week is temple pday so I will be writing my email on Tuesday
not Monday.
ppps I love you all a lot and I hope to hear you all soon!

Table Tennis Night

Tsukuba District


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