Zone Travels, Matsuri and More...

Hey everyone!
Were to begin...we were all over the place this week.  First off we
were off to Mito so we could attend a district meeting over there.
The first district meeting I haven't needed to lead in a long time.  It was still
pretty fun just sitting there and listening to the training.  It's
crazy how on my mission I have come to love meetings because
you can learn so much from everyone.  After the meeting in Mito
we went down south to Matsudo to have a meeting with the stake
president of the stake we are serving in.  Apparently the zone leaders
meet with the stake president every month to align our mission goals
with the stake.  The stake president was really cool and I learned
that my Japanese isn't that bad cuz I was able to speak during the entire meeting
in Japanese.  Gift of tongues!  Just wondering, dad do you ever meet with
the zone leaders in your stake at all?  How many zones do you have in
the stake?  It was really cool to visit all over the place, but it cost
a ton and took tons of time.  And it doesn't help that my bike keeps
breaking.  I just got the bike fixed last week and then the next day I
got a flat tire.  Idk if I'll be able to keep up with all the expenses if
my bike keeps breaking.
We also got to go to the summer matsuri (festival).  It really reminded
me of the popcorn festival in Beavercreek, but there wasn't any popcorn
just lots of fish!  It was raining but we still had lots of fun
at the parade and I won a Despicable Me 2 sticker book. Winning!  We
went to the festival with our friend T... who is getting baptized
soon.  He is so excited to be baptized.  He always is talking about it with us,
and we have his baptismal interview set for the 13th of September which is
less that 2 weeks away!  We are meeting with him everyday
and he is progressing excellently. He is a great guy!
Actually tomorrow we are going with T... to a Shuwa class (Japanese
Sign Language).  Some people in our ward can't hear very well so
everyone in the ward speaks Shuwa and a lot of the missionaries are
learning it too because there is a college for the hard of hearing
really close to us.  I've already learned a lot of Shuwa and it is completely
different than American Sign Language.  But hopefully I'll be able to
come back home speaking Japanese, Shuwa, and Spanish.
Speaking of Spanish, we are teaching a lot of people now in Spanish
cuz my companion speaks Portuguese.  I can barely understand or say
anything right now but I'm getting lots of practice for when my
companion transfers.  I'm pretty worried about him because he has
been in this area for a long time so you know what that means.
It's pretty dangerous for him being in Tsukuba this long so I had better learn fast!
I'm super excited for the package coming soon! Especially for the Ohio
State shirt! Lol  One of my roommates got a bottle of girls perfume
from home and he sprayed it and it smelled so nice!  They don't wear
perfume here at all!  I haven't smelled that in a long time and it made
me feel woozy!  It's crazy the simple things that you miss from America
that you dont even notice!
Well everyone I gotta go now.  I hope you all have an amazing week!
It's always great to hear from you!  I love you all and I'll see yah


Eric Stevens

Appreciation Message For Our Bishop 

Summer Matsuri (Festival) With T... Tsukuba, Japan


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