Hey everyone!

Whats up?  Right now I am on a train to Tokyo so that we can go to
the temple!  From Tsukuba where I am right now it takes about 2 hours
by train to get there so we have a long ride ahead of us.  I'm really
hoping to get some inspiration at the temple today for a big
Christmas devotional that we are hosting this Friday.  It's really
important because it's the meeting to start out our big Christmas
miracle.  We are going to have 100 baptisms from now to Christmas.
That's going to be huge!  But we need to make sure that the meeting
goes well.

So we just got our transfer calls yesterday and I am really surprised
because I am actually staying.  My companion is leaving though to open
a new area for Elders.  It's pretty exciting!  I will be getting a new
companion named Elder Scoville!  He is from Sacramento, California and
he is amazing!  He was actually one of the district leaders who I
have been working with in the zone last transfer.  I actually was
hoping to be his companion this transfer.  This will be his first
transfer as a zone leader.  It will be a joy to work with him because he is
already an amazing leader, so he won't have to hard of a time learning the ropes.  The only
downside is that since we don't get together till Thursday, we have to
plan for our Christmas meeting over the phone which is pretty annoying
but this is going to be a fun transfer!

I'm sure that you all remember how busy I told you my week was going
to be last week, so I won't go into too much detail.  We traveled a lot
and it was really good to finally sleep in my bed again on Saturday.
We saw tons of miracles though.  Elder Jacox and I were able to meet
tons of cool people while on the blitz.  Actually the pic of us and
those too huge sports players was while we were in the Ushiku area.
They are from Fiji and Samoa and they both play rugby.  We were just
walking down the road trying to find a college in the area and the guy
on the left of the pic named Joe yelled out to us, "Hey, God bless you,
are you the Mormons?"  We said yes and he told us that there was a
Mormon living with him.  So we went and started talking to both of
them.  The Mormon was less active because all the rugby practices were
on Sunday but he and his friend want to meet with the missionaries
again.  It was pretty sweet because we found out later that we were
going the complete wrong way to the college so God was definitely
guiding us that day.  And that was only one of the miracles.

So you've all heard about the volcano?  Well it happened in Nagano
which is west of where we are living right now.  I don't know too much
about it because we don't watch the news, but we haven't noticed any
difference at all in the weather.  There isn't any ashes or smoke or
anything like that.  We didn't even know there was one until on Sunday
when a member told us.  I hope everyone is ok.  I have some friends
living in Nagano.

Ok, well I hope that you all have a great week!  I love you all and I'm
really jealous that you got to talk to Andrew on the phone.  I was
hoping that I could as well.  Have fun and I love you!

Eric Stevens



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