Happy Respect For The Aged Day!

Hey Everyone!

I don't know if you got my facebook post or not but today in Japan we are
celebrating respect for the aged day!  So no mom, since you are 29,
you don't count as aged. lol  I just didn't have any other pictures of
my grandparents so I just added that on.  So everyone have a great
day!  Also today is the 15th so that means that tomorrow is my 1 year
anniversary of living in Japan.  One year ago tomorrow I was stepping
off the plane into a very strange new place that I had only dreamed
about.  And now look at me, I can get around just fine.  It's crazy how
much you change in a year.
This week, mom was totally right, we had a big all day meeting again.
This time it was for 4 zones so we had over 1/3 of the mission attend.
I got to sing in an octet with a violin and a piano so it was pretty
fun.  The bass part was more of like a tenor part so it was a
little hard for me, but also for the real tenors. I don't see how
anyone but Justin Beber can hit high A's.  The conference was pretty
much focused on mission unity, especially in our companionship.
It really helped because we have been having some trouble in our zone
with unity so it was exactly what we needed.  I wonder how President
knew that...probably revelation.
After the meeting I went on splits with one of my old friends from
Niigata and we had a fun time up in Mito.  Mito is only 70 miles south
from the nuclear power plant that melted down in Fukushima.
Apparently the radiation is still really bad up there so I hope I'm
still ok...  We had lots of fun and found some cool new people for the
sisters to teach up there.  So an update on T...  He passed his baptismal interview on Saturday
so he is ready for his baptism this Saturday!  He asked my companion to
baptize him and me to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I'm sorta
nervous because I've only given the gift of the Holy Ghost in English
and this one is all in Japanese!  I'm really excited for his baptism
because it will be my first baptism in 6 months that I have had in my area where
I haven't had to leave before the baptism.  Things are starting to pick up a
lot so I'm excited to see even more progress.
Well, thank you all for your prayers for the talk that I gave
yesterday.  I don't really remember much of it but everyone that I
talked to said it was really good.  So idk if they were serious or just
trying to be nice but I feel like it went ok.  I wanted to kick myself
because I got up there and I forgot how to say the word convert in
Japanese.  I just stood there for a few seconds thinking for awhile.
It's kaishusha by the way.  Besides that it went really well.
We had a lot of time this week to go find new people.  We met a ton of
sweet people and we have been able to meet with a lot of them since
then.  A lot of the people that we meet are foreigners, mostly Chinese
or African, but we are teaching a fair amount of Japanese too.
But there seriously is a ton of foreigners here so I have to force myself
to keep practicing up on my Japanese so it doesn't get too rusty.
I'm glad to hear that everything is going well for everyone back home
with school and everything.  I hope that Alexa can make it through the
rest of her math classes without me.  I hope you do well because I'll
probably need your help when I'm trying to remember everything when I
get back.  So good luck!  Also thank you for the package!  The cookies
were amazing!  My apartment mates want me to express their thanks too.
Also, I found out that we have a Michigan football fan in our apartment
so the Ohio State t shirt is causing a little rivalry.  Also one of
the Sisters in the ward is from Michigan so I'm excited to show off my
shirt during the next zone pday next week.  Can't mess with Ohio State!
Well everyone have a great week!  I love you all and I am excited to
hear from you again soon!  Minasan Ganbatte! (Everyone work hard!)

Eric Stevens

ps the pic is of our apartment and my companion holding up a box of
freshly bought American muffins from Costco.  Guess what we are having
for breakfast tomorrow... :)  Dad can you find the apartment from
google maps?  Good luck!  Hint, it's really far away from any of the
train stations, but it's only a 4 min bike ride from the church and the
Tsukuba University.


Stevens Grandparents
Kaldahl Grandparents

My 29 Year Old Mother


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