Mission Travels, Baptism Preparations, and Gold Origami Cranes

Dear Family,

We had a ton of meetings this week which made the days go by really
slow but for some reason the week has already ended.  weird.  One of
the meetings was in Tokyo and was called Mission Leadership Council.
It is where all of the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and the
assistants to the president meet with President Budge to talk about how
we can improve the mission.  It was really weird to be sitting next to
all of the crazy good missionaries who everyone has heard about.  I
felt a little out of place but it was ok because I saw a lot of my
friends from the MTC for the first time in over a year.  Even my MTC
companion Elder Free was there, on skype.  He is currently back in
Niigata where I used to live and it is so far away that they just have
them skype into the meeting instead of taking the long bus trip down.

Besides that meeting we had a lot of other meetings.  And guess what, we
have another one tomorrow.  The life of a zone leader. lol  But
besides that we did a lot of other fun things.  Remember T...?  Well
we have been meeting with him everyday for the past week and he is
doing amazing.  We taught him the word of wisdom and when we asked him
if he would follow it he said, "Of course!"  No questions about it, he
was prepared by God!  We have his baptismal interview this Saturday
and his baptism the next Saturday.  Actually we just met with him
today and showed him the video Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the
restoration.  He loved it but he kept getting annoyed that they kept
arresting Joseph Smith and destroying all his property.  He kept asking why
people would be cruel enough to do that.  I never really thought about
it, but I am so happy that we don't have to worry about that in the USA

Guess what I learned how to do.  I can now fold paper cranes.  I never
thought that would be something that I would ever learn how to do.
But something cool that we are doing in the mission now is every time
there is a baptism, we fold a red crane; every time there is an
endownment we fold a silver crane; every time there is a person who
gets the priesthood we fold a yellow crane; and every time there is a
sealing in the temple we fold a gold crane.  Then after we fold them
all we somehow link them into a long chain.  It's going to be part of
our Christmas miracle this year so I'm pretty excited.  I hope we get
to make some pretty long chains because they look soo cool!  And for
other reasons too of course.

Ok, lastly I would like to thank the family for the package and the
letters that I received.  I was supposed to get the package a few days ago
but that was the day I was in Tokyo so I missed it!:(  They are going
to send it again to me today so I'll get it later to night!  So
excited!  Also just to let grandma Stevens know, yeah one of the
Sisters that I am working with now was with me in Tokyo last transfer.
It was really weird because we transferred at the same time to the
same place.  That like never happens, ever.  But we are good friends so
it's all cool.

Well everyone have a great week!  And wish me luck because I have to
give a talk in sacrament meeting this Sunday for 15 minutes in Japanese.
It'll be crazy fun! lol  Love you all!


Eric Stevens


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