A Great Week!

Why Hello Everyone!

Thanks for joining me for this week's adventure in Japan.  Sorry it's
a little bit late.  Yesterday was so packed with lessons and stuff that
we had to reschedule our Pday for today.  I hope that none of your
hearts were broken because of my lateness.  But I guess this email
will just have to do.

This week was pretty much a normal week.  It had 7 days and we did
missionary stuff.  We did have our last district meeting of the
transfer this week, which was really sad but it went really well!  Just recently
we had a missionary come home from her mission in America who lives in
the Togane Ward.  So me, being the kind, and considerate person that I am,
gave her the opportunity to relive some of her missionary moments, and I asked
her to help me train during the meeting.  She was very surprised and nervous, but
after some persuasion she agreed.  She did a great job!
She taught about asking inspired questions to know
what we needed to teach our investigators on our first visit with them.  She related
it to Jacob 5 and the olive trees and it blew my mind away.  I'll have to
share it with you sometime.  After the meeting we took some pictures,
which I will send to you, and then went to district lunch.  There is a
really good yaki niku place right next to the church so we all went
there.  For those of you who don't know what yaki niku is, the word
yaki in Japanese means to cook over a grill, and niku means meat.  So
it's pretty much a bbq, but Japanese style.  It's one of my favorite
restaurants here in Togane, so we will have to go when mom and dad come to
Japan.  It is super fun to be able to work with such a wonderful
district.  I hope I get to work with them again next transfer as well.

Then on Friday, Elder Lee and I had a completely open day, so we
decided to go on an adventure.  We biked all the way over to Gumyo,
about an hour away and just went where the Spirit told us to go.  And
just like usual, the miracles happened.  Ok, so just some background.
For some reason, in Togane, I am known as the Sister Missionaries
referring machine, because a year ago Elder Cannon and I found tons of
referrals for the Sister Missionaries, and a lot of the women they taught have been
baptized.  And the same thing is happening now!  I can always find the
golden sister investigators.  So on Friday, we housed a whole
apartment complex with no success, until the last door, which was a
sister, or course.  As soon as I told her we were Christian, she
excitedly stopped us and told us that her parents were Christian but
they died, so she wanted to learn more about what her parents believed.
She invited us in right then and there, but since we are Elders, we
aren't allowed to teach her. :(  So we told her that we would
send the Sister Missionaries the next day.  The next day the Sisters
visited her and she is golden!  She believes the Book of Mormon is true
and that God sent us to visit her to help her know how to meet her
parents again!  They are meeting her again next week to try to set a
baptismal date with her so we are pretty excited for that!
I'm so glad to be able to help in this great work!

So just some random information.  Dad, your Book of Mormon memorization
rooms are in high demand right now!  I showed my zone leaders your diagrams and
they loved it!  They are trying to learn them to teach to the zone!  Thanks
for sending them to me.  I also got the package yesterday in the mail.
Thanks for sending me the pictures and the chocolate.  My companion
doesn't like chocolate, so I guess I can share them with the other
missionaries in my apartment, or just eat them myself. Lol. Did You
find my apartment yet Dad?  K... is doing really well and has a
baptismal date set for the 10th of May.  We are so excited about his progress.
Please remember him in your prayers! 

Well, I think that's everything for this week.  Thanks as always for
all of your prayers and thoughts.  Everything in Japan is doing
awesome and I know it's because of all of you back home.  Have a great
week all of you and I love you all!



Awesome Togane District!


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