Peace Inside The Storm

Hello Everyone!

It was good, once again, to hear from all of you.  Mondays can
be so exciting!  Funny thing is, is that it used to be the worst day
of the week because it was the day we had to go back to school after the
wonderful weekend.  Funny how the mission changes your perspective on
these things.

First of all, I want to answer a few questions received last week.
For the stake conference, I played the violin with a piano
accompaniment and a cello player as well.  The cello player was
someone who we call Batman Kyoudai (brother) because he can seriously
do anything.  He always helps us with lessons and gives us rides, and
he even gave us a bench press machine!  And of course, he plays the
cello as well.  The pianist was Elder Rasmassen who lives in Togane
with us in the same apartment.  Our apartment is so musical!  For the
choir during the mini general conference, it was all Elders, except
for the pianist who was a Sister from Hawaii.  Unfortunately for me, I
don't think that there are any more performances coming up in the near
future.  But Batman Kyoudai gave me his violin while I was here, yes
he has a violin too, so I'll be able to play it some on pdays.  And
yes mom, we need to play together some when I get back!  I can't wait!
I also had the privilege of seeing Elder Dunn at the mini general
conference.  I quickly saw him right before the conference started but
I could only say hello, and say that he looked familiar and then
remember where I knew him from, when I was rushed to a last minute choir
practice.  It was good to see him because us Ohioans need to stick
together!  There are only 2 of us left in the mission now.  Myself and
Sister Nash.  We need to represent!

So you know how all of you are getting tons of snow right now, well
yesterday we got nonstop rain for 20 hrs straight!  It seriously
rained all day but even through that we were able to see some sweet
miracles.  We had our friend T... come to Church yesterday for the
first time in forever.  He is not good at sitting still.  He said that
he felt happy at Church so he wants to come again.  We taught him about tithing
yesterday and he said that it was impossible for him to pay it.  He is
an investor so he says that he needs all of his money to invest.  He
still wants to meet and talk but for now, we need to try and help
him to invest in the blessings of God and in the gospel.

Even though it was pouring down rain yesterday we also had an
investigator come to church after it finished and demanded to meet with
us.  He even brought a friend along to hear the discussions as well.
It was K..., our friend with the baptismal date for the 22nd of March
and his friend, I can't really remember his name right now.  It was
very long.  It was K... friend's first time in a church and he was
amazed how big it was.  It's really nice having the 3 story super
church in Togane.  We gave them some Book of Mormons and K... said that he
is really excited for his baptismal date.  We just need to set better
expectations so that he can be baptized. He can only meet
with us once every 2 weeks or so, so we may need to move his date back
to keep getting him ready for baptism.  He really wants to become
Christian though, so as soon as we can meet with him more, he should be

On another note, I have been dubbed the best ping pong player in the
Togane ward and missionaries.  There is one investigator who is way
better than me from China but he doesn't come anymore so I took his
place.  I am actually getting pretty good!  I can't do the smashes
very well but I am really good at playing defense and just getting the
ball over the net again after they smash it at me.  I guess all those
times in the basement with the family are paying off now.  Now all I
need is a foosball table and a pool table and then I'm set!

Well I think that's all the random information that I have for right
now.  All in all, Togane is doing pretty well and growing and growing!
It's so exciting to be on the front lines and see all of the miracles
everywhere!  I hope that you all have a wonderful week.  I love you
all and wish you the best!

Love yah,


Ps I just got a new hair cut, how do you like it?  The only down side
is that now my ears are always cold!


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