Short Sleeves!

Hello Everybody!

As you can tell from the email title, I can finally just wear my short
sleeve shirts with no jacket again!  I discovered this momentous
occasion a few days ago when I was walking around a Japanese cherry
blossom festival held in Togane with an investigator.  I
started off the journey with a jacket but then the sun came out and it
was just way too hot!  The weather is just beautiful right now and I
love it!  Too bad in just 2 months it will be back to being blazing
hot and muggy all the time.  I definitely don't miss those times.

So like I said earlier, we had our cherry blossom festival last
weekend here in Togane.  We went up there with a friend of ours named
Y....  He owns a tofu restaurant so we went there to eat right
before the festival.  Did you know that they have hundreds of
different types of tofu dishes?  Well, I certainly didn't!  Pretty much
as soon as we walked in, he started giving us tons of everything
imaginable made with tofu.  French fried tofu, ice cream tofu, tofu
pudding, pickled tofu, and so much more that I can't even describe.
And the worst part was, he wouldn't stop ordering more food!  I think
I felt like Andrew did so many times on his mission when members just
kept giving and giving food to him.  That happened to me this week.

After our tofu excursion, we took a 30 minute
hike to the festival.  I was not in the best condition to hike after that large
meal but it was a beautiful day so it made up for it.  We got lots and
lots of pics of the beautiful blossoms and of the activities I'll be
sure to send them to you sometime.  The festival pretty much reminded
me of the popcorn festival that we have every year in Ohio.  There
were lots of food and game booths that we could go to and lots of
music and lots of fun!  One of the booths that they had there was a
booth selling chocolate covered bananas.  They were like $3 for one
banana!  But when you buy one, you get to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and
if you win, you get another banana free!  And guess what, I actually
won!  So I got 2 bananas.  Idk why, but for some reason the Japanese,
including adults, love to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.  You
can pretty much walk up to anyone and they will play it with you at
least once.  But the bananas were really good and we even got a back
stage tour of the shrine that was holding the festival.

Besides that nothing really happened this week, except literally half
of our investigators moving to Tokyo because of the end of the school
year.  This week was sorta hard because we didn't have too many people
to teach because everyone had moved.  At first I was really sad that we
didn't have anyone to really work with, but then I remembered how
Togane was when I first got here a year ago.  There was seriously few
investigators then, and then I looked at the area now.  It has grown so much
since the first time I was here and that is a huge blessing to me.
And if we have lots of finding time, it'll be just like the old times
with Elder Cannon a year ago.  So there's nothing to be worried about!
Togane is doing great!

Well, tomorrow we have our big zone conference where we get our new
ipads.  I think I should be safe because I just transferred all of my
photos to a flash drive that I will probably be sending home soon.  I
hope that you have a great week everyone and I love you lots and lots!
Have a happy Easter Sunday and a Merry General Conference!



Ps I love General Conference because it is the closest thing we get to
a weekend as a missionary.  It's so relaxing to just listen to talks
for 2 days straight.  Be sure to let me know which talks you liked the
best so I can keep my ears open for them!
Pps this is for grandma Stevens, we wake up everyday at 6:30am.  Which
is later than we had to when I went to seminary.  But everyday at 6:30am you are still dead tired.  Idk how I get up everyday at that time but
I bet it's with a ton of the Lord's help!

Our Chapel In Togane


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