Transfers, Zone Meetings, and More...


So today was transfer day, and you know what that means, transfer
calls.  This time, I get to stay in my area but I have to say good bye
to my wonderful companion Elder Lee.  He will leave me to go to the
streets of Tokyo.  He is really excited.  He has been wanting to go to
Tokyo for a long time.  Replacing Elder Lee is a transfer 3 missionary
named Elder Mützlburg from Australia.  Actually during his first
transfer, I was his zone leader so we know each other pretty well.  He
is pretty awesome and I am excited to be able to work with him this
transfer.  That now makes this my 7th companion not from the United States. 
I'm very international I guess.  I'm just a little worried because I don't
speak Chinese, and Elder Mützlburg doesn't speak Chinese, and a lot of our
investigators only speak Chinese.  It should be interesting trying to
teach them. I will deninitely be praying for the gift of tongues a lot
this transfer.

So besides transfers we had a pretty great week. On Friday we had our
zone meeting over here in Togane.  It was nice to not have to be the
zone leader training for a change. But if I thought that I could have a break
and sit back and relax during this meeting I was wrong. The zone
leaders asked me to give a training about how to follow up with
our investigators.  Giving trainings and meetings is so
much fun, and I love doing it. But apparently the Bishop heard of my
training and decided to ask me to give a talk this Sunday in church.
I'm definitely really nervous because talking in front of everyone and
Japanese is still a little scary for me to do.  But I hope that I can
do well. Wish me luck!

Well, on the investigator front this week we also saw lots of really
cool miracles.  So last week I went on companion exchanges with Elder
Keith. Well, we were riding our bikes, and we stopped and talked to a guy
named C.... C... in Japanese means power.  So it's a really
cool name. When we talk to him it seemed like he didn't have too much
interest in the church so we just got his phone number and
forgot about him. But this week all of our appointments
canceled on us one day so we decided to go finding and guess who we
found again, C....  He had some time so he decided to come play
basketball with us. After playing basketball for a little bit we gave
him a tour of the church and invited him to come to church. He said
that he had been to another Christian church before so he said he'd
like to see what ours is like.  To our great surprise when Sunday rolls
around he not only came to church but brought one of his friends with
him.  After church we asked them how they thought church
was and they both said it was very, very, boring. But they said it was a
really great experience, and they felt really good when they're in the
church. C... was so surprised that you could feel so good at a place
that is so boring that he decided he wanted to come again next
week.  Score one for the Spirit!

Well that was pretty much everything for our week.  I'm also looking forward to
this week because on Wednesday, we have a special mini General Conference again.  I feel so
lucky to be living in Tokyo because it seems all the General Authorities
just love to come and visit.  Should be fun!  Well I love you lots and
lots!  Have a great week!



Togane District


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