Hello Everyone!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week and are excited for
this week's email home!  I guess I'll start off with the mini general
conference that we had last week.  We had Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the
Twelve Apostles speak with us.  Yes, the one who had lunch with us a few years back.
We also had Elder Evans from the Seventies at the meetings as well as 3 other Seventy
members.  They gave us a huge training on how to use iPads as a
missionary and it went really well.  They talked a lot about how the
iPads aren't for helping the investigators.  No, not at all.  They are
to help the missionaries to prepare for the future when we are going
to use technology when we get back home.  They want to
train us about how to use technology in a safe spiritual way.  I was
very surprised to hear that.  Unfortunately, I have some bad news about
the iPads coming up in the next few weeks.  Because our mission is
ahead in the use of iPads, they want to hold us back a little bit to
let the other missions in Japan catch up.  So we will not be using our
Facebook and Facebook messenger for the next few transfers.
I posted this information on my Facebook page, and I will let you know when
we start using it again.

As for the rest of the week, it was full of miracles of course.  I
will share one with you quickly.  On Friday, we had tons of
appointments planned for the day.  It seemed like it was going to be a
great day, until everyone started changing the times that they wanted
to meet us.  So the way it turned out, we were at the church at 6 in
the evening, with an appointment at 7 and we hadn't eaten dinner or
studied Japanese yet that day.  We had a choice in front of us.  We
could either quickly go back home and eat dinner, or stay at the
church and study.  We both felt strongly that we should stay at the
church and study.  About 15 minutes into our study, a lady walked into the
chapel that we didn't know.  We started talking to her and she said
that she used to live here and met with the missionaries before she
moved and lost contact.  She was just about to move again so she
decided to go to the church one more time and pray for help.  She
asked where everyone was and we told her that she was lucky because
usually no one would be here at this time and the church would be
locked.  She seemed shocked and let us call the sisters missionaries to come over
and talk to her.  We found out later from the sisters that if we
wouldn't have been there and had the door unlocked, something bad
would have happened to her.  I don't want to get into it because it's
personal, but it was a miracle that our schedule changed the way that
it did to make it so that we would be there to help her.  She also
came to church on Sunday to hear my talk and she loved it!  The church
experience, not the talk. Lol. But the moral of the story is, if your
schedule changes like crazy randomly, expect a miracle to happen.
But beside that, everything is going awesome!  I'd like to thank
grandma and grandpa Stevens for the package of baked goods that you
sent me the other day.  They still taste amazing and I'm trying to
figure out if I should share or not.  Thank you so much!  Well, I
better get going now.  Thanks again so much for all of your love and
support.  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!

Elder Stevens


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